Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Dishes

It was a day when I was a auxilary police man. I used to go out with my group to suppres riot demonstration. The riot people had a ceremony on the road in the city. Finally, the hard rain fell to the everywhere. We have to against them without sitting in a whole day. I wore a heavy gear, sheild, and helmet. I ate 3 meals in the hard rain. My bowls totally were filled with rain water.
However, it is not the end, at that time, I was pretty low rank in the troop. So, I had to eat all foods in a short time. The water drops come from my helmet to my food and there is no place to hide to eat my food in the high-way street. My inside of helmet, clothes, and even underwear are almost wet. Moreover, there was main capital of Korea Seoul, so many people watched me and my bunkmate's eating. But, I just did my job and my duty in Korea. I'm not embarrased my self. It was my old memory of army time and I never forget my dish and the atmosphere. Now, I'm very happy to be in America with good facialities. And. any kind of strong food cannot disturb me at all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Regret Things

The final word that I want to heard when I go dying is 'He lives with no regret'.
Because, I have too much regret things in my life. I want to live or if I have a chance to reset my life like computer reset button, I will push it. This is kind of very weird and no mercy but I want to give my word to everyone who i know and want to promise it. This is so difficult question writing a sentence my grave stone. If I married and do some private business and then it becomes more easier. The most regretful thing is not do well to my parents. This is too general thing to talk but I guess, everyone agree it. Actually, if I did so good to my parents, it will be not accomplished for every son and daughter. Life is only one chance, also we can reverse it and no more chance to go back. Although no body can predict their own future, we can try it. Finally, my last answer that I realized is try best until I exhausted. And, I just realized that living like other people is the most difficult thing in our life. The normal life is sound like nothing special, but it is just me. I cannot pass regret thing in my whole life but no trying makes me more regretful. This blog question helps me thinking about my future and see the backside of my past. And, I want to be exhausted for my life and future.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blood Type

We have many kinds of stereotype in Korea. Especially, stereotype of blood type is very popular recently. The blood type includes A,B,O,and AB types. They have special characteristic and behavior. I know, it is a just kind of humor or small gossip but many Korean ask to people who meet you first time blood type. And, we judge person with blood type such as shy person or pessimistic or optimistic. It becomes so popular in Korea and it's being one kind of step for greeting. It is might comes as surprise to you but the characteristic of blood types is so similar with real characteristic. Type A person is shy, narrow mind, and sensetive. Type B person is friendly and so temperamental. Type O person has strong leadership and optimistic. Type AB person has a insight ability and unsual. These are basic characteristic of blood type and many Korean judge a person with blood type. Surprisingly, this fact is almost correct!. However, we should not judge person with blood type. Nobody don't know person's characteristic with only blood type. We should talk.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Korean national flag has a sad story. The story was made when Japan attacks korea. The resistants make national flag to resist and show their mental power to japanses. They try to hide national flag from Japan army because Japan set an oppressive measure to Korean. All kinds of Korean national flag have special meaning of independent. Therefore not only military achievement but also when sports competetion we use national flag to share feeling of victory. It's kind of sad story of Korea flag and colonical expression. However, the Korean national flag has not meaning of independent anymore because we don't want to save the colonical history in our representative flag. I think, Korea national flag is decorated very distinctive shape and unique design. However, I'm still have a difficulty to draw my national flag exactly.

Monday, September 29, 2008

With Rice

In Korea, there are so many kinds of teas and still popular to every Korea. The reason that we drink the tea is looking for relaxation and healthy. Also, american coffee is the one of popularist thing in Korea. Unfortunately, I don't like drinking tea and also its smell. However, I lile korean traditional tea that drinking water boiled in a kettle where rice has been steamed. It is kind of rice tea called 'Sung-nung'. It don't need any special method and preperation. Because, every Korean eat the rice Three times in a day with pot. After, cooked pot put some water and boil. That's it! What a convinience! As see below photo, if you have some sticky rice, spread the rice on the pan. And, wait with light fire until its moisture disappeared then put some water boil! When winter is coming, this is the best way to make higher your loosing appetite.

Monday, September 22, 2008


In Korea. there are many Korean movies at theater and still very popular. Generally, the American movie stimulates the Korea movies in many ways. Many actors try to keep Korean movie from the American movie in order to be a more popular movie. Despite of this effort, the Korean movie has many hardships to be the most popular movie in Korea. I don't think the american movie is wrong but the every Korean recognition is wrong. Everyones correct concerns make the best Korean movie.
My favorite movie is 'Brave Heart'. When I saw this movie, I felt achivement. The actor's speech was so great and powerful.
And, 'Usual Suspect' is also best movie ever. Kevin Spacey's action was so memorable to me. Although the Korean movie try to develope to make such as above movies that I said, we need everyone's concerns. Ridicuosly, the Korean movie has same popular degree with American movie. It means, there are many good indications the Korean movie is improving!